Full Membership

Qualifications for membership to IANAA shall be:
Registered professional nurse of Indian origin or heritage.
Must have current RN license New York state.
Resident of New York or currently employed in New York.  
Must be of good professional standing (not barred or suspended license).  

Affiliate Membership

Retired nurses (currently not in practice after holding US RN licensure), Student Nurses who are currently enrolled in pre-licensure program and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) of Indian origin and heritage can be affiliate members of IANA-A by paying the required membership dues.

Must agree with the mission and comply with the rules and bylaws set by Indian American Nurses Association of Albany.

Membership Fees:

  • Membership fee is $30.00 for one year.
  • Membership fee is $50.00 for two years
  • Membership fee is $150.00 for five years
  • Membership fee for Life Membership $300.00

Associate Membership Fees:

  • Retired Nurse (Non-practicing) one year – $30.00
  • Student (Pre-licensure) one year – $15.00
  • Licensed Practical Nurse one year – $20.00

Fiscal year for membership shall be from January to December (same as the calendar year of the association)

Responsibilities of Membership:

Each member has the responsibility to uphold the value & mission support the goals & objectives, of IANA-A. Further, members are to respect each other, promote team work and uphold the professional nursing code of conduct always.

  • $0.00